Earn Money From Youtube Without Monetization in 2019

Earn Money From Youtube Without Monetization in 2019 

Make Money on YouTube from Ads

Using YouTube running ads on your videos is one in every of the only ways in which to earn cash on YouTube.

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In the past, everybody will create cash on YouTube. However, this has modified in Jan 2018. Google raised the standards needed to own ads shown on your channel.
Now, you wish to be a part of the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) before you'll begin benefitting from ads. However, if you would like to hitch the YPP, make certain you've got four,000 watch hours within the past twelve months, and 1,000 subscribers.
If you would like to extend the watch time and acquire additional subscribers on YouTube, you wish to form wonderful content. However, a way to produce outstanding videos? MiniTool producer, a free and easy-to-use video redaction package, is suggested here. This free tool will assist you produce cool videos simply and quickly.
When you reach the 1k subscribers and 4k hours viewed, you'll strive the subsequent steps to hitch the YPP to commencing to host ads.
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Selling Products or Merchandise

YouTube is that the second largest program within the world behind Google. Thus, we tend to shouldn’t ignore this huge resource.

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Selling merchandise like t-shirts, occasional mugs, tote bags, snapbacks, etc. will place your on-line complete and temperament out there into the offline world, increasing your exposure and deepening the link between you and your fans.
For example, you'll got wind of AN e-commerce shopfront employing a resource like Shopify if you have already got a product to sell. Next, attempt victimization video written material computer code like MiniTool producer to form videos that work into your product’s niche. Then, at the top of this video, use interactive cards to funnel viewers to your product landing pages.
On the opposite hand, you'll partner with AN existing marketing network for creators.


If Want To Earn Money With Affilate Marketing Then You Can Join Amazon.its a best place for affilate marketing.you can sell amazon products on social media like facebook whatsapp.amazon will give you your commesion.you can earn thosands dollars with affilate marketing.

Daraz Is one another way to make money with affilate marketing.I never think that this will happen with me.
In 2 years I went from making $20k to $80k, then $150k in 2018.
I did this by with affiliate marketing (I also write many tutorials on SEO and website speed). 90% of my affiliate income comes from affilate marketing.

  • Find Your Niche
  • Affiliate Programs (List)
  • Types Of Affiliate Programs
  • Individual Affiliate Programs vs. Marketplaces
  • Choosing Affiliates – Run The Numbers
  • Amazon Affiliate Program
  • WordPress Affiliate Programs
  • Google AdSense (Avoid It)
  • Sign Up!
  • Content Strategy: Blog Posts vs. Videos vs. eCourse
  • Setting Up Your Blog
  • Affiliate Links vs. Banners
  • Affiliate Link Management (Thirsty Affiliates Plugin)
  • Nofollow Affiliate Links
  • Add Affiliate Links To Images
  • Bookmark Affiliate Statistic Pages In Your Browser
  • Setup Text/Email Alerts Whenever A Sale Is Made
  • SEO: Keyword Research
  • SEO: Content Optimization
  • SEO: Length Is Strength
  • SEO: Use A Table Of Contents
  • SEO: Rich Snippets
  • SEO: Avoid Common Affiliate Penalties
  • Gather Evidence (Social Proof, Reviews, Testimonials)
  • Build Your Community
  • Monetize YouTube Videos
  • Monitor Conversions Rates
  • Write An Affiliate Disclaimer
  • Mistakes I Made
  • Donate To Charity
  • My Affiliate Income Reports

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