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FaceApp: how to use the application that simulates the passage of time on your face

Application is available since 2017, and offers something that is already available elsewhere: a filter that uses various algorithms to calculate how your face will look when you get older (or what it was like when you were young). She became famous for putting smiles on any face, and because it allowed simulating other ethnic traits.

Now, in addition to simulating the passage of time (to be an old or very young person can also play with the application of beards, fringes, and even a change of sex.) But was not that on Snapchat? Yes, but in this FaceApp case (available for Android and for the iPhone) has a very high quality effect (that is, it is very credible, with gray hair, wrinkles, crow's feet, etc.) and does not require registration anywhere, and it is possible to use photos already taken, so it is having its time of fame: it is among the 10 most downloaded apps in the last week for iPhone, according to Applyzer, and has a similar popularity in Android (it is number 1 in Argentina, with more than 50 million of downloads worldwide).

Download FaceApp Pro 3.4.7 Android completely unlocked AI Face change application.

FaceApp Pro 3.4.7 Pro Unlocked Apk for Android

FaceApp Pro is a very powerful Android that allows you to change or modify any facial using Artificial Intelligence. Now you can change your face and that of others with just a few touches, without the need for additional knowledge.

FaceApp Pro 3.4.7 Pro Unlocked Apk for Android

It is so amazing to see the characteristics of face appearances as age changes. Then, download FaceApp Pro 3.4.7 APK without free watermark now and enjoy a fun appearance.

With the FaceApp Pro app, you can recognize your face in the different sex or make your face look old or younger.

Sexuality is one of the most attractive features of this application and, often, its results are quite effective. Changing from one gender to another has a long and slow method. But in fact, the change of sex in a photo will now be done with a single touch.

Several of the filters we've seen on Snapchat, FaceApp has features that, by combining facial masks, can even turn a closed mouth into a smile for which the tooth is specific.

Features of FaceApp Pro 3.4.7 for Android

Adding a beautiful smile
Look at your younger or older face
Make it more attractive
Change sex
Use artificial intelligence
And more…
This fun and powerful application is a product of FaceApp Inc for Android 4.4 or the latest version. It is also available on Google PlayStore with an average user rating of 4.4 and millions of downloads from around the world.

FaceApp Pro 3.4.7 Full APK Download Links

Download FaceApp Pro 2.0.957 APK - 7 MB

FaceApp Pro Mod APK - 5 MB

Download Regular v3.4.7 - 12 MB

News in v3.4.7

+ 3D backgrounds with settings of lights and shadows
+ Fixed black screen problem when starting the application
+ failure at the start of the application for devices with large font size

+ other internal improvements

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