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Pre-orders will be shipped on the Galaxy Fold starting September 11

The Galaxy Fold folding phone is close to reaching stores after several months of delay. Samsung is supposed to fix the problems that appeared in the initial batch of this phone sent to the reviewers, and we hope that the new version of this phone will become more durable and solid.

According to a new report issued by the South Korean telecommunications company Korea Telecom that pre-orders on the phone Galaxy Fold in South Korea will be shipped on the day of September 11. The company is expected to re-announce the Galaxy Fold at the IFA 2019 exhibition scheduled to be held in the German capital Berlin on the sixth day of September, and this is also the day where the receipt of pre-orders is likely.

It seems that Samsung is still pushing hard to launch the Galaxy Fold phone in its home country on Friday, but it may be for open-SIM units where it is preparing to put about 20 thousand to 30 thousand as part of the first batch to be offered for sale. However, another source says that the first installment to be offered for sale will consist entirely of only 2,500 units, noting that about 300 to 400 units will be addressed to each telecommunications company in the country.

The Galaxy Fold will come in black, silver, green and blue, and is priced at 2.39 million Korean won, which is equivalent to 1965 US dollars in South Korea. For green and blue versions, it will provide the option to get the hinge in silver or gold.

When Samsung was asked to comment on this report, it refused. Before concluding, we would like to point out that the famous American leaper evleaks had explained to us yesterday that the phone Galaxy Fold will be available for purchase, at least in the United States as of September 27.

Take the best possible look at the design of the phone Huawei Mate 30 Pro thanks to these new leaks

It is scheduled to be officially unveiled the phone Huawei Mate 30 Pro on the 19th of September. Until then, we have today acquired new computer images that show us how the design of this flagship phone will look from different angles. As always, these new computer images have come from the famous French leak OnLeaks, whose leaks have always been accurate in the past.

These computer images are created based on the line drawings and dimensions obtained from the manufacturers of accessories and protective covers, which in turn get this information from the manufacturers of the same smartphone, such as Huawei in this case.

Based on these images, it is clear to us that the phone Huawei Mate 30 Pro will feature a very curved screen at the level of the parties characterized by a wide cut in the upper middle for the front 3D camera responsible for the technology of three-dimensional recognition on the face and earpiece and other necessary components. Moreover, these images reveal to us as well that the phone Huawei Mate 30 Pro will include four cameras in a large circular unit located in the upper middle part of the back of the phone, and beside the LED flash.

On the mention of the camera, it has been mentioned leaks and previous rumors that the phone Huawei Mate 30 Pro will feature two cameras with a resolution of 40 megapixels in the back interface, one basic and the other wide-angle, while the third camera will feature close-up accurately 8 megapixels, and the fourth camera sensor type of Time Of Flight.

Officially announced Exynos 980, the first mobile processor with a built-in 5G modem

Samsung is gladly selling a number of smartphones compatible with 5G networks, including Galaxy S10 5G and Galaxy Note 10 5G in addition to the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G and Galaxy A90 5G knowing that all these smartphones use either the processor Exynos 9820 Or the Snapdragon 855 along with the modem Exynos 5100 or Snapdragon X50.

Today, South Korea's leading hardware and semiconductor company has decided to take a step forward and unveiled its first mobile processor featuring a built-in 5G modem called Exynos 980 Mobile.

The ad may sound big, but once you look at the specs, the excitement will diminish a bit. When it comes to the CPU, it has two core Cortex-A77 2.2GHz cores and six additional Cortex-A55 cores with 1.8GHz. When it comes to the graphics processor, it uses Mali-G76 MP5 cores with the new Exynos 980 Mobile processor as a whole made using 8nm FiNFET technology.

Other specifications include support for screens up to WQHD +, 5G NR networks with support for up to 2.55Gbps upload speed and up to 1.28Gbps upload speed, while LTE will provide support for up to 1Gbps upload speed and up to 200Mbps. As you can expect, the new Exynos 980 Mobile processor also supports UFS 2.1, eMMC 5.1, and LPDDR4x RAM.

When it comes to the camera, this processor can support one camera accurately up to 108 megapixels or two cameras accurately 20 megapixels each. In terms of videos, this processor will support the ability to record 4K UHD videos at 120 fps, but this is quite theoretical, it is up to manufacturers to activate this mode.

The Exynos 980 Mobile is expected to be mass-produced by the end of this year, which means that the first smartphones to use this processor will arrive in the first quarter of 2020.

Apple Watch may get “Schooltime Mode”

Just like the iPhone, the Apple Watch comes with a “Do Not Disturb” mode that blocks notifications on your watch if you prefer not to work on your wrist all day. However, according to a new report from the MacRumors website , it looks like the Apple Watch might get a new nuisance avoidance called “Schooltime Mode”.

According to the report, Schooltime Mode appears to be similar to Do Not Disturb in the sense that it will be able to block notifications, but it will also prevent the user from accessing apps and other complex things in the watch, which means that this mode will turn the Apple Watch into a regular clock that displays time, At least until the end of school.

This seems to indicate that Apple is trying to make the Apple Watch suitable for even younger consumers, including middle or high school children.This feature can help convince parents that buying a smart watch for their children is not a bad idea. It is unclear whether this feature will reach existing Apple Watch models through a software update or whether it will be exclusive to the upcoming Apple Watch Series 5. So we will have to wait and see what happens in the end.

Meanwhile, a recent report also pointed out that Apple is working on a new sleep tracking feature for Apple Watch that could be released next week.

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