Download Youtube Vanced Apk 2020 Free Latest Version

youtube vanced apk 2020

Download Youtube Vanced Apk 2020 Free Latest Version

YouTube Vanced is a client of the most popular video platform, YouTube, which will allow you to hear your videos in the background, force resolutions, use the options to repeat video and most importantly, block advertising ads for you to enjoy of your videos without interruption.

One of the advantages of this application is that it is very similar to the official app , so you will not have to learn new menus to access your favorite videos. Download the YouTube Vanced APK on your Android mobile devices and enjoy all the benefits it offers you for free.

Say goodbye to advertising ads

The operation of this app is totally similar to that of the official platform, once you have it installed on your device you can open it as usual.

However, you will notice a big difference and you can run your favorite videos without interrupting the ads . How about?

If you are working on other applications, but want to listen to an audio, YouTube Vanced allows you to do it in the background , so you can listen to your audio while doing other things with your terminal. or simply when you turn off the screen.

youtube vanced apk 2020

You can zoom to all your reproductions , in addition to being able to see them with the highest resolution, which you will have active by default in your app. Another advantage that you can enjoy with this tool is that you can change the theme of it , such as: white, black and dark , the one you like the most. You decide!

It offers you the possibility to access your Favorites, History and your Google account , however, for this you must also download the MicroG APK , once you have both, you can access as you normally do with the official app .

An interesting feature that you can get with this app is that you can play your videos in a floating window, which allows you to continue watching your streaming content while working with another application.

With this tool you can have all the options that YouTube Premium gives you, but with the advantage it is that it is not a Premium version therefore, you do not have to pay anything additional.

Now you have the opportunity to watch and listen to all kinds of streaming content without any interruption and without annoying ads

YouTube Vanced Features

youtube vanced apk 2020

It has a fairly simple, pleasant and easy to use user interface, the closest to the official one.
It allows you to choose between different themes to give your personal touch, such as: light / dark, pink, white and black.
This tool is updated frequently.
Although it has many features, it does NOT allow downloading videos within it.
It offers you the possibility to adjust the resolution and speed of the videos.
YouTube Vanced is the best alternative for all those YouTube lovers, because they can continue to enjoy the countless videos it offers, but without commercials.
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