Instagram Tricks 2020 - Best Working Instagram Tricks 2020

instagram tricks 2020

Instagram Tricks 2020 - Best Working Instagram Tricks 2020

This is no secret that Instagram is a great player in the social world, about 600 million monthly active users and 150 million daily users in Instagra m stories . It is clear that companies and users of mobile devices and photography lovers cannot afford to ignore the network to share and connect with their followers.

For this reason I want to share some tricks, and tips to get the most out of Instagram.
The first part is simple general tricks to use Instagram and then this article will be updated with tricks for the biography, profile, share photos and videos, the use of hashtags, gain followers, and stories.

Instagram threads - Chat with your friends

It is a camera application created to keep messaging with your friends and Instagram contacts.

Where people with the things you write most appear on your camera.
Automatic states based on your location: At Home, in Gym, in cinema, on the move, etc.
Create groups of friends.
People app with themes.
– Descargar App: App Store (iPhone) Play Store (Android)

Put in dark mode

In Android:

Have the option of "dark mode" enabled in the version of your Android.
Click on “Become a beta tester”
On iPhone

Have the V114.0 version of Instagram.
Change the light to dark mode of your iPhone settings.
Instagram automatically goes into a dark mode since it cannot be activated or changed manually.

Organized story camera

Now you have the section of the camera called "Create" where you can: add text, Gifs, countdown, questionnaire, survey and questions.

Then there are the effects separately and if you slide to the end you will find the effects gallery organized by themes.

Share Stories best friends

Now you don't have to switch between public and private profile to buy your stories, since now you can choose a select group of contacts to share your stories.

Enter your Instagram profile.
Press  menu bar icon and then just press "best friends".
In "your list" look for the friends you want to add as best friends to see your stories.
When publishing a story, select best friends.

Download Story Videos

You can download the videos and Instagram stories on your Android mobile or your iPhone using the following applications.

On Android : to download the videos of the publications try:

Instg Download – Video & Photo
Video Downloader for Instagram
Repost Instagram & Video Downloader
On Android to download the stories use the following app:

Story Saver
On iPhone : To download the videos you can use the SMD shortcut using the Apple shortcut app as I explain in this video .

Delete your Instagram account temporarily

Instagram does not have the way to delete instagram account permanently but temporarily. In the web version you can do it easily.

Go to the web: or click on edit profile and then deactivate my account temporarily.
Select the reason to deactivate your account and then confirm with your password.
Note : To activate it again, just log in again, although sometimes you have to wait a few hours.

How to know if they log in to my instagram

From the web version of instagram you can know more in detail.

Enter this link:
In the Account Activity section - in Session Beginnings - click on view all.
Here you can see the date and time of all logins.

Control the time you spend on instagram

Do you spend too much time watching stories and publications? Use the reminder that integrates instagram to let you know that you have completed some usage time that you can set. In addition to activity / Disable notifications of certain events.

Save and use less data

Decrease data consumption by activating data saving in instagram.

Go to settings - account - cell phone data usage - activate “use less data”.

Record and split videos into stories automatically

Instagram allows you to automatically divide the videos into 15 seconds in the stories so you can record continuously.

Start recording the story on video without releasing.
After 15 seconds, the stories will be divided and displayed above the capture button.
At the end it will show all the fragments of the video which you can edit individually.
Click on next to upload the videos to your story.

Identify yourself with a Nametag on Instagram

Sharing your instagram profile ID is now easier . You no longer have to give the name you just have to scan the card that you can even customize.

Login to your profile account and click on the menu icon.
Click on “ Identification card ”
Select this style: Color (Click on color to change), Emoticons (Swipe up to change the emoji) and Selfie 🤳.
Click on the share button.
Note : To scan the card you must follow the same steps and click on "Scan business card" at the bottom.

Story Templates for instagram + Ideas

Publish beautiful and attractive stories with this application that has dozens of minimalist and elegant templates.

20+ Templates to customize for free.
60+ Premium templates if you want more styles.
Customize the text, add the images you want, save and share.
Supports Photos and Videos
Free Download | Google Play

Protect Instagram account

This security option allows you to protect your account so that they cannot log in to another device without a verification code coming to your phone via text message.

To activate this function you must go to configuration - two step verification - activate “request security code” - Activate.
Wait for the message with the code to arrive and keep some backup code in a safe place.

Verify Instagram account - “Blue Check”

Like twitter, you can verify your account so that your followers are sure that it is an official account by having the “Check” next to your name and not a fan or fake one.

To do this you must go to the settings - verify account - Add your full name and send a photo of your identity document.
This request will be reviewed manually but there is no set date.

Version App Liviana (1MB)

Instagram has released its lite version for its application which only occupies 1MB but without losing many features.

Post photos (one or several photos).
Publish and view stories.
Access the browser.
Download Google Play (for some countries) or Download APK Mirror .

Download all your instagram: Photos, videos, messages

Download everything from your Instagram account: photos, videos, stories, profile, information, comments and direct messages.

You just have to enter this link and write your email account associated with your account so that a Zip (Compressed) file arrives to your email which contains all the information to download.

Share Song Spotify in a story

Share a song that you are listening to in one of your stories in a simple way:

Enter Spotify and open Song - click on the share button - select “Instagram history”.
Next, a story is created with the name and cover of the song.
Customize or adjust your post to be shared. By swiping up you will have the direct link to the song on Spotify.

Hide last connection

 But if you enter the Instagram settings you can deactivate the “ Show activity status ” option to avoid showing the last connection time, but you will not be able to see the time of the others.

Share Stories on Facebook

I find this function really useful because that way you don't have to be sharing your stories in each service manually.

Like : Enter your profile - Settings - Story settings - Activate the “Share stories on facebook” function.

Save Stories Forever

Instagram launches a new feature which allows you to archive "stories" as snapchat memories. You just have to highlight the story to be saved in a special place in your profile.

See Hitories Anonymously

Thanks to the enablement of stories in the desktop web version for instagram you can view the stories anonymously with the help of an extension for google Chrome.

Enter this web   Chrome IG Story .
Enter the username.
You can now calmly see the stories without your name appearing in the list of names in “seen”.

Stream live with a friend

This new feature will be arriving little by little to allow live streaming with a friend with all your followers. In the stories section you can also see that you are sharing a stream by displaying the two profile pictures.

Update the application to the latest version on both devices.
Go to the instagram story camera and play LIVE.
Press the new “two faces” icon.
Select the friend you want to transmit from your contact list and you're done.

Post Panoramic Photos

If you have taken a panoramic photo with your mobile device, you know that it does not fit well when uploading it to Instagram. But what you can do is create a photo gallery with the panoramic photo using the Unsquared application  - Instagram Panorama (Free with Ads)
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