10 Secret Tips to Improve Gmail Experience

10 Secret Tips to Improve Gmail Experience


10 Secret Tips to Improve Gmail Experience

Launched back in 2004, Google’s emailing service has come a long way since then; constantly developing and expanding. It has transformed into a customizable email giant that can be molded to fit the user’s specific needs; be it personal or for a business.

Your Gmail comes equipped with several tips and tools that will enhance your emailing experience for maximum productivity. We tried all of the Gmail tips and tricks out there, to bring to you the absolute best 10 features that you need to start using immediately. They have been divided into categories to help you remember and come back to it as per your needs.

Automation Tips

1.   Sending Automatic Emails

A great productivity tip on Gmail is the option of sending automated emails by scheduling them beforehand. You simply compose the email as normal and then instead of going for Send, click on the arrow right next to the button for the “Schedule Send” option.

You can either pick from a given time slot or customize your date & time to send the email.

Once you have scheduled your email, a “Scheduled” tab will appear on your left panel where you can view all of the scheduled emails in one place. Gmail lets you schedule 100 emails at one time. These can be edited, modified, or deleted any time.

2.   Joining Meetings

Google now lets you join sessions on Google Meet directly from your inbox. It’s a seamless switch from your email to a meeting, without having to change tabs.

 To enter a meeting, just click on the “Start a meeting” or “Join a meeting” options under Meet which will be on the left side of your screen.

3.   Predictive Text Suggestions

At the heart of Artificial Intelligence as we know it lays Google’s Smart Compose for Predictive Text Suggestions.

When turned on, this feature predicts text (words and phrases) as you type based on past behavior, saving you a lot of typing time. Gmail studies how you type, the most common words and phrases you repeat as well as the context of the current email you’re typing and then displays the predictive text.

Improved Productivity

4.   Snoozing Emails

Quite often we’re so wrapped up in other tasks that we quickly skim through new emails, decide to make a mental note to reply later, and then completely forget about it until a reminder email shows up (and you’re in trouble).

Well, Gmail’s snooze feature makes sure no email is forgotten or missed. By opting to “snooze” an email, you are sent a reminder to reply later at a time of your choosing.

Simply right-click on the email you’d like to snooze, pick a time and date at which you’d like to respond to it and Gmail will send in a quick notification when it arrives.

5.   Google Calendar from Email

Have you ever gotten so lost in answering those endless emails that you forgot about an important appointment or reservation? Well, incorporating Google Calendar into your inbox will make sure that never happens again.

The “Google Calendar from Email” feature allows you to view your Google Calendar within your inbox, usually on the left pane, to remind you of any upcoming events.

6.   Priority Inbox

Did you know Gmail lets you arrange emails and organize them based on their level of importance? Quite convenient, right?

By turning on the Priority inbox setting, your inbox will be divided among read, starred and other. Additionally, you can further reassign or modify the kinds of emails that end up in each category for increased organization.

This can be a lifesaver if you get hordes of emails to be addressed daily. The best part is that you can hide a section when it’s empty so you know there are no emails of that category to be handled.

Your email will appear in the following order:

·         Important & unread

·         Starred

·         Customizable (based on whatever you’d like to see next)

7.       Other

7.   Google Tasks

Never miss out on replying to an email ever again through Google Tasks.

Using this Gmail tip, you can form a virtual to-do list of all the emails that need to be tended to. Whenever you get an email, simply add it to Tasks so when you’re ready to respond to it you get a notification and have all the required details at easy access.

Just select the email you want to create Tasks for and click on the three vertical dots. Select “add to Tasks” from the drop-down list and set your preferred date and time.

Secret Tips

8.   Gmail labs

This is probably the first you’re hearing of Gmail Labs right?

Well, it’s a great secret tool for accessing amazing new features before anybody else. Gmail Labs is where Google tests new features before rolling them out to the general public. This early access lets you try out all sorts of things including:

·         Canned Responses (to avoid having to repeat yourself over and over again)

·         Preview Pane (to scan emails quickly)

·         Google Voice Messages (to play out your emails in audio form)

9.   Access Gmail without Internet

Google realizes the high probability of not having a stable Internet connection 24/7 and therefore lets you view and compose emails even without it.

If you’re stuck in an elevator, or perhaps even a traffic jam and your signals aren’t working - well use this free time to reply to all the emails you’ve been delaying. Gmail will send those emails as soon as your internet connection is reestablished.

10.                 Confidential Mode

If you’d like to send a confidential email that is immediately deleted and left untraced, Gmail makes it possible.

These private emails can be set up in a way that even the receiver can’t save, forward, copy, or download them. And, they can be auto-deleted after a certain time period decided by you.

Once you have composed a private email, click on the clock-shaped icon on the bottom corner. You can set the expiration (or deletion) time for the email there.

At the End

Google is full of tips and additional features that help its users manage their emails in the best way possible and enhance productivity. By applying these Gmail tips, you are sure to save quite some time and extra energy which can be used in a more important task.

To learn more secret tips on how to streamline your online work, reach out to our tech professionals!

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