20 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know in 2020

20 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know in 2020


20 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know in 2020

Most computer users are constantly going back and forth between the mouse and keyboard to do their work. What if we were to tell you that there’s an easier way to navigate on the computer – keyboard shortcuts!

Instead of reaching out for the mouse every few seconds, you can use a single keyboard shortcut to do the same task and save time. While it may not seem much, over time these few minutes come together to save quite a large chunk of your work time.

These shortcuts will boost your efficiency by speeding up any kind of work you do on the computer. Furthermore, they are known to improve the productivity of your tasks.

So, let’s get right into it. Here are 20 essential keyboard shortcuts you should be using in 2020 for streamlining your work. We’ve broken them down in categories to help you remember, and revisit them anytime.

General Shortcuts

1.   Undo – Ctrl + Z

This will be one of your most-used shortcuts as it reverts whatever the last action you made; be it on any program! Whether you’ve mistakenly deleted something important on Word or closed a Chrome window with necessary tabs – simply undo it with a press!

2.   Close – Ctrl + W

Another one that works on almost every program, this shortcut lets you close the current window. It won’t shut down the entire program so you don’t need to worry about lost files. E.g., if you have never Word documents opened at once, it will only close the current one.

3.   Reopen Closed Tab – Ctrl + Shift + T

If you’ve mistakenly pressed Ctrl + W on the wrong tab, here is your chance to reopen that tab immediately. If you’ve closed multiple tabs at once and need them opened again, just keep tapping the T key and they will all reopen in seconds.

4.   Select All – Ctrl + A

To select all the files in a folder or highlight all of the text in your document for quick formatting, simply press Ctrl + A instead of spending time clicking and dragging your cursor.

5.   Find – Ctrl + F

To quickly find any number, word, or phrase in any program – use Ctrl + F. if you’d like to find and replace that numeric or word with something else, use Ctrl + H.

6.   Cut, Copy and Paste

Cut – Ctrl + X, Copy – Ctrl + C, Paste – Ctrl+ V; are some of the most useful tools, particularly in Microsoft Office.

7.   Print – Ctrl + P

For a quick print of your current document, press Ctrl + P to open the Print window. No need to scroll throw panels and hunt around for the printing option in programs now.

8.   Task Manager – Ctrl + Alt + Delete

Ever been left helpless at your programs going haywire or computer hanging? Well, the task manager is how you bring everything back to normal. If your computer isn’t responding, simply press these keys to open the task manager which will let you force-close problematic programs.

9.   Lock the Computer – Win + L

If you’re done with your work or simply stepping away for a quick coffee break, locking your computer will ensure nobody can get access unless they know your password.

Navigation Shortcuts

10.                Show/Hide Desktop – Win + D

Useful if you want to minimize all your opened windows and return to the home screen/desktop. If you’re someone with a desktop full of files and everything else one could need, this keyboard shortcut is perfect for you!

11.                Open Task View – Win + Tab

This opens an updated Windows application switcher to let you see thumbnails of all your opened programs for easy access and control.

12.                Open Start Menu – Ctrl + Esc

If your keyboard is missing the Win key, simply use Ctrl + Esc to open the Start menu hassle-free. If you’d like to continue navigating from your keyboard onwards too, use Shift + Tab.

Advanced Windows Tricks

13.                Open Settings – Win + I

Hit this combination to bring up the Settings dialog box, which lets you configure the way Windows works internally. You can also try out Win + A to open the Action Center panel which shows all your notifications.

14.                Refresh – F5

To refresh your browser for the latest version of the webpage, use this handy key tucked towards the top of your keyboard. You can even use it in File Explorer.

15.                Rename – F2

You don’t need to right-click and make your way down that drop list to rename files anymore. Simply look at the Function key row on your keyboard, press the F2 key and it’ll automatically open a renaming box. It can also be used in Microsoft Excel to edit the content of your current cell.

16.                Screenshot – Win + PrntScn

Tired of opening the snip took or a new program to take screenshots? Well, there is the perfect keyboard shortcut for you! This saves the screenshot in a PNG file after making a new Screenshots folder within your default Pictures folder

17.                New Virtual Desktop – Win + Ctrl + D

New to the world of Virtual Desktops? Well, you’re in for a delightful surprise!
Virtual Desktops are secondary screens where you can store some of your opened programs and applications, making more workspace for you without all that clutter.

18.                Switch between Apps – Alt + Tab

A classic, yet little known, windows shortcut is to switch apps. This can help make your work a whole lot easier if you run multiple applications at one time.

19.                Minimize/ Maximize – Alt + Space + N/X

To minimize or maximize your current window easily without needing to reach for the mouse and navigate your cursor across the screen.

20.                Hidden Menu – Win + X

Perhaps the most exclusive one is the Quick Link menu that you can access through this keyboard shortcut.

It allows you to access all the main areas of your computer system and view or configure the devices attached to it like your Printers. You can even bring up the PowerShell command to access even more advanced Windows functions.


All of these shortcuts are sure to make your work smooth-flowing and save up on time. Revisit this list anytime you’d need to until you become fluent in the keys to press.  For more tips and tricks on how to maximize your work productivity, visit our website. 

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