How to Make Money on Facebook – Everything You Need to Know

How to Make Money on Facebook – Everything You Need to Know


How to Make Money on Facebook – Everything You Need to Know

Accumulating over 2.7 billion users in the second quarter of 2020, Facebook continues to be one of the main social media giants of our generation. Apart from being a great communication tool for being spread around the world, it is also used by small businesses and big corporations alike to reach out to their customer base and form a relationship with them.

With such a huge audience consisting of people from all age groups, Facebook can be a great place to earn some cash. However, it can be rather challenging to get noticed among the massive crowds of other hopeful individuals trying to get monetized on Facebook.

What is Monetization on Facebook?

Just like the name suggests, Facebook monetization is the act of making some money by using Facebook as a platform. You offer the audience something of value and get paid for it in return. Quite simple, right? Well, the path getting monetized is anything but simple.

Facebook has recently been under fire due to privacy concerns and a lot of people seem to be wondering if investing on the platform is even worth it. However, with 15% of the total social media users in the United States choosing to shop on Facebook, there are still many young individuals who have constantly been succeeding in earning high profits.

How to Get Noticed on Facebook?

Your biggest challenge, when trying to monetize your Facebook, would be getting a big enough following. Anytime someone opens or refreshes their feed, the Facebook algorithm goes through a complex process to determine which posts to display.

Inventory – All of the latest statuses made and posts shared by your friends, followed pages, and joined groups are examined.

Signals – The algorithm analyzes a range of signals that are based on your past behavior which includes factors like:

·         Who made the post

·         The post’s engagement

·         Average time spent on post

·         How many likes, comments, and tags are on the post

The algorithm always prioritizes posts made by people over those from pages or groups.

Predictions – This process determines how you are most likely to respond to the post; be it liking, commenting, sharing, or simply scrolling past.

Relevance Score – Each post is assigned a score based on these signals. The higher the score, the more likely you are to see the post on your News Feed.

Keeping these factors and elements in mind, here are some of the most productive ways of making money on Facebook.

The Facebook Marketplace

Depending on your geographic location, you will constantly come across a huge variety of products and services on sale nearby. This is because The Facebook Marketplace is quite commonly used by business and home-based sellers to reach a big audience. It is like a huge online garage sale where you can find almost everything at really low prices.

With over 1.4 billion people joining Facebook Groups, these tend to be a hub for buying and selling. They show you the nearest seller that has the products you have been searching for.

So, to earn money on Facebook, determine what is in demand among the general public in your area and offer those products on The Facebook Marketplace or several buy and sell groups of your area. From new items to second-hand stuff that you have lying around the house, unused for years, anything and everything can be sold in these spaces.

Influencer Marketing on Facebook

Influencer marketing is the new in-thing in the world of marketing, with 17% of worldwide companies sending half their total marketing budgets on influencers. They are always on the lookout for social media influencers to add on to their teams for product testing and promotion.

These influencers deliver regular sponsored content to their followers and are paid for it. They often include affiliate links and discounts that are directly connected to the influencer themselves.

This is a great way to build a community and earn money through it. You might start small and invest your own money to review products but through hard work and regular promotion and expansion of your audience – you are bound to start being recognized in your niche as an influencer and the brands will come knowing at your door.

Some great

Develop an Application

This one is for the technology-savvy ones among us. If you’re an app designer or programmer, or even just an enthusiast who has achieved most of his knowledge online, you can design applications for Facebook.

By signing on a professional programmer to develop the app, you can sell it off to Facebook or other interested third-parties and earn in millions.

A group of young Stanford students discovered this back in 2007 when they made Facebook apps for a college assignment and sold them for a fortune. Time to get your creative juices flowing!

In-stream Advertisements

All of us have, at one point or another, been annoyed with those pesky ads that keep appearing in-between videos. Well, why not use them as a way to make money on Facebook!

If you’re a video content producer, you can earn money through in-stream ads. These are short advertisement snippets created by big brands that play before or in-between your videos. You can choose the placement yourself and get some major cash based on the number of viewers.

Facebook video monetization has been on the rise recently, with the media giant itself promoting it and investing in further development.

Sell Likes and Shares

You can do much more with your likes and shares than spending them on memes and social causes. You can directly get companies and brands around the world to pay you for them; yes that’s how valuable they are!

Big corporations are known to buy likes and shares to increase the credibility of their Facebook presence as well as the products they offer. While this may seem sneaky, there are technically no rules against this practice and since a Facebook page with large numbers of followers gives people the confidence to spend their money – it works out for everyone.

In Conclusion

With time, dedication, hard work, and some initial investment, you can easily start your journey to becoming monetized on Facebook. These are just a few of the hundreds of opportunities available. For a more detailed insight on earning money through this platform, get in touch with our social media experts.

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