Tips for the Best Customization of Your Timeline with Twitter Lists

Tips for the Best Customization of Your Timeline with Twitter Lists


Tips for the Best Customization of Your Timeline with Twitter Lists

With statistics showing 330 million active users per month and 145 million people using the social media platform daily, Twitter is one of the few applications that has managed to maintain its popularity through the years.

Due to its unique interaction style, Twitter has become a hub of a wide variety of activities. You will find 24/7 discussions being held on a huge range of topics despite the character limit, concert and movie clips shared, and even experience news breaking at Twitter before any other form of media – social or otherwise.

One of the most interesting features on this social media platform is Twitter lists.

A Twitter list is a curated group of Twitter users – simply put. It allows you to effectively organize your followers, or even the people you follow, into separate groups based on whichever distinguishing factor you choose and helps in better management of Tweets.

Creating a Twitter List

·         View the Navigation bar at the top of your Twitter app.

·         Click on the “Create new List” icon that appears.

·         Pick out an appropriate name for your List as well as a description. This will help you distinguish between different lists so be sure to choose well.

·         Add the different Twitter user accounts you want to add to this particular list.

·         Click on the Done button. Your Twitter list is now ready!

Editing or Deleting a List

·         Look at the List tab in your profile. This contains all of the Twitter lists made by you.

·         Select the list that you want to edit or delete.

·         Tap on the Edit list option to make whatever changes you like. These can be changing the name/description of the list or even managing the different Twitter accounts on it.

·         If you’d like to delete your list, simply press the Delete tab and it’ll be done. Remember that this is an irreversible action.

Customizing your Twitter Timeline with Lists

One of the best parts about the lists option is that you can pin them to your timeline in whichever order you prefer. Twitter allows iOS users to pin up to 5 different lists at one time. These can also be rearranged based on your priority and swiped to access them from home.

To see your ‘Top Tweets’ list first you will need to:

·         Press on the three horizontal dots at the top right of your screen.

·         Select the ‘See Top Tweets’ tab.

This will shift your timeline from seeing the latest tweets first to seeing top tweets. You can reverse it back as well by selecting the ‘Latest Tweets’ tab.

Twitter also lets you look up new lists. On the app, simply tap on the prompt to ‘Discover new Lists’. Go through all of the options and ‘Follow’ the ones that you would be interested in.

If you already have a list’s name in mind that you’d like to follow, just look it up in the search box!

Making the Best Use of Twitter Lists

1.   Event Management and Organization

Twitter lists are a great way to stay updated on events, even if you are unable to attend them yourself. By using the related hashtag, anybody from around the world can follow an event and contribute valuable insights to the topic at hand.

It is also a great way of keeping in touch and updated with whatever activity happens after the main event.

2.   Building a Staff Directory

Did you know that you can add in all your employees to a single Twitter list and reach out to them easily? Super cool, right?

This will help you organize your staff better, create a solid digital presence for your brand, and even promote the culture of ‘togetherness’ within your workplace.

3.   Competitor’s List

Being in-the-know of what your competitors are doing is one of the key ways that businesses stay relevant and on top of their game. Twitter lists make this extremely easy by allowing you to accumulate their accounts in one place and view their activity easily.

You don’t need to go on each separate account and check them out anymore!

4.   Showing Gratitude to Loyal Customers

One of the key ways of growing a business is by creating a good relationship with returning customers and showing you treasure them. When you create a Twitter list of loyal customers, those users will receive a notification every time a new account is added to the list.

It creates a feeling of exclusivity among them and shows that your brand truly appreciates their dedication. Additionally, it will make it easier for you to reach out to them for promotions, campaigns, and ‘loyalty programs’.

5.   Family and Close Friends

Quite often, updates and tweets of our relatives and loved ones end up getting swept away amidst the sea of tweets from other social, business, and news accounts.

To ensure you don’t miss out on any tweet from your family and close friends, simply add them all on a separate list. This will help you keep updated with whatever is happening in their lives and stay in touch more easily.

Stay On Top of the Game

By customizing your timeline through Twitter lists, you get to make the most of your experience on the social media app. You can easily filter out the tweets you want to see away from all of the rest and design your timeline based on topics you are interested in.

Twitter has even changed the design of the lists page to make room for header images and a better view of all the accounts present on that list. The cherry on top is that lists are now pinned alongside your timeline!

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