Top Helpful iPhone Apps for the Office

Top Helpful iPhone Apps for the Office


Top Helpful iPhone Apps for the Office

As dedicated professionals, we’re always on the lookout to improve our productivity at work. We try to adjust our seat to the right height, make our computer desktops more organized, or increase our caffeine intake.

But many of us fail to realize that there is a productivity powerhouse in our pockets. Let’s find out how you can use iPhone productivity apps to take your work to the next level.

What are iPhone Productivity Apps?

In our eyes, the top iPhone apps for productivity will be the ones that make work-life significantly easier. By using these apps, you'll be able to maximize the use of your time and get more things done than you normally would. 

The choices and possibilities of what you can do with iPhone productivity apps are unlimited. The list we’ve mentioned below is by no means a comprehensive one, but it does contain some highly ‘essential’ for those who want a more dynamic workday.

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The Best iPhone Productivity Apps

Google Calendar

This is one of the most popular apps in terms of downloads and presence across phones and PC platforms. However, mainstream apps like Google Calendar are also often the most overlooked choices. We spend time looking for niche apps, while software like Calendar has enough power to handle almost every task we would want.

Driven by artificial intelligence, Calendar is a must-have smart tool for every professional. The biggest advantage of Calendar is that it gets better the more you use it. AI technology helps the app learn all about your preferences and personality to save you even more effort and time while you plan.

One handy little perk you get is the ability to give other individuals the ability to see when you’re free in your calendar and book a meeting with you through the app. The calendar is optimized to prevent any overbookings.

Use the app's in-depth statistics to dive into the analytics of your activities and discover ways to optimize your day and improve your productivity.


This application is the ultimate productivity booster for organizations. It’s used by mega-corporations like Oracle, Air BNB, and Target to promote cohesion between their teams through seamless and easy communication.

In years gone by, email has been the go-to communication tool for team members in a company. While it's great for many things, email falls short when it comes to modern projects that require quick-paced dynamic conversations. Plus, a professional is often a part of more than one team, leading to a lot of room for error in email communications.

Top iPhone apps for teamwork, like Slack, allow you to categorize and organize all \ office communications by creating different channels for each project, client, or department. You can jump in and out of channels as you want and won't receive notifications about the ones that no longer involve you. 

To improve UI experience, Slack developers have allowed integration of apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, SalesForce, and a few others. It also allows for video chats and file sharing.

Slack is a one-stop-shop for all office communications.


Think about all the effort and time you have to waste to fire up the multifunction scanner every time you want to get a hard-copy document in an electronic format. Well, put those days behind you by installing Camscanner!

This app will turn your iPhone camera into a convenient scanner and OCR tool. Use it to quickly transform paper documents into electronic PDFs or JPEG formats. Immediate sharing avenues are provided within the app. You can send it to your colleagues via email or WhatsApp or store it in your cloud.   

The scans are of top quality and allow you to crop around the document's borders to make sure that the scan looks real and professional.

There are a few other iPhone productivity apps like Camscanner on the Apple Store, but we think this is the best choice. You can download the app for free, but it will include ads and watermarks. A premium subscription is ad- and watermark-free with other useful features available as well. 


This the ultimate project management tool that your organization needs to start using today. If you've ever managed a project, you know complex and multifaceted it can be. Trello was built to ease the strain on project managers and help them visualize and conceptualize everything on this easy-to-use platform.

Trello is optimized to serve every single team and individual in your company. From marketing and sales to finance and HR, each team has the freedom to customize the tool to fit their needs.

Features include setting up to-do lists, organizing notes, gathering images, listing ideas, and seamless communication between team members. You can follow your project's progress, set deadlines, and use bulletin-style boards to delegate tasks.

Trello has a beautiful UI design that's easy on the eyes and offers a wide range of customizations. You get over integrations with other productivity apps like Dropbox, Slack, Google Drive, etc.

In times where work-from-home models are becoming increasingly popular, Trello is the go-to solution for remote teams.

Honorable Mentions

The four iPhone productivity apps mentioned above in our list are absolute must-haves for professionals and companies who want to improve their efficiency. But they’re not the only top iPhone apps that you can use. Here are some honorable mentions that you should explore:

·         Wolfram Alpha: A powerful live encyclopedia with a powerful computational knowledge engine that can solve a whole host of math and science problems. The best knowledge bank your phone needs.

·         Adobe Acrobat: Why waste time opening your laptop for small edits? Just use adobe acrobat on your phone and edit PDFs as you like.

·         Salesforce: The ultimate CRM data tools, diary organization, and other business process perks all in the palm of your hand.

. Integrate these apps into your work life and see the results for yourself!

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