Xiaomi in 2020-2021

Xiaomi in 2020-2021

Xiaomi in 2020-2021

Founded in April 2010, Xiaomi is an internet company, headquartered in China. It manufactures smart hardware and smartphones connected by an IoT (Internet of Things) platform at its core. Xiaomi operates with a set vision of becoming the “coolest company” in the minds of its consumers and wants itself to be viewed as a friend of its users.

Xiaomi is an organization that has an unwavering emphasis on delivering innovative, efficient, and quality products to its market. It has a strong history of manufacturing great devices at reasonable prices to allow everyone across the globe to improve their lives through innovative technology.

Currently, Xiaomi is regarded as one of the top five smartphone brands in the world. Plus, it has even managed to establish the world’s biggest IoT platform. Xiaomi has over 213.2 million smart devices (apart from laptops and smartphones) linked to its name. Today, Xiaomi’s products are available in over 90 countries and regions across the globe.

Continue reading to have a closer look at the plans and performance of Xiaomi in 2020 - 2021.

Market Performance of Xiaomi in 2020 - 2021

Xiaomi is the 4th largest player in the global smartphone market led by Samsung and Apple. In the year 2020, Xiaomi shipped 28.3 million smartphones and captured a market share of 8.9%. Its revenue in 2020 was reported to be $22.89 billion, with an adjusted net profit of $1.33 billion.

According to the Xiaomi Corporation, the COVID-19 pandemic had a major impact on the organization’s performance. However, despite the global uncertainties in this period, the organization demonstrated resilience and was able to achieve higher revenues and profits than the market predictions. In 2020, Xiaomi made a second appearance on the Fortune Global 500 list, ranking 422nd. This was an improvement of 46 ranks from the preceding year.

From 2021 onwards, Xiaomi aims to strictly stick by its three primary principles which include

1.       A never-ending desire to explore new technologies and build innovative products

2.       Deliver products with the best performance at the most reasonable price

3.       Make the coolest smartphones and devices to allow everyone across the globe to improve their standard of living.

Xiaomi Product Launches in 2020

Every year, Xiaomi launches innovative products that take the markets by storm. Here are some of the best products launched by the company this year.

#1 - Roidme NEX 2 Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

This is one of the latest Xiaomi products that has revolutionized the vacuum cleaner market. It has a beautiful, yet minimalistic, design and amazing features that can help get rid of dirt in just a few seconds. The best thing about this device is that it works both as a mop and a vacuum cleaner and eliminates the need for any additional cleaning tools.

#2 - Mi Wi-Fi Amplifier and Repeater

This device by Xiaomi allows users to access high-speed wi-fi without any annoying lag while gaming or streaming. Plus, this device minimizes the need for any hotspot because it doubles the coverage of existing wi-fi

#3 - Xiaomi Wireless IP Security Camera

Like all other Xiaomi products, this one also lies at the higher end on the technology spectrum. It intelligently picks up movement to prevent any false alarms. Moreover, this smart device has a night vision scope that allows users to view everything clearly even during the dark.

#4 - Mi Note 10

The Mi Note 10 is a 6.47-inch smartphone by Xiaomi that is at par with, or even better, than Samsung smartphones. It has a 108-megapixel camera which is currently one of the best in the world these days. Moreover, it comes with a 526 mAh battery and fast charging of 30 W. This makes it perfect for users who want a smartphone with an amazing camera and long-lasting battery life.

#5 – Xiaomi Redmi K30 5G

Priced at $283, the Xiaomi Redmi K30 5G is one of the cheapest 5G smartphones available in the market today. This device is aligned with Xiaomi’s objective of being able to provide smart devices to everyone across the world.

Xiaomi Plans for 2021

Like every year, Xiaomi has some great, highly innovative ideas planned for the year 2021.

Xiaomi Smartphones in 2021

Xiaomi has great innovative ideas for the year 2021. The biggest innovative launch by the brand in 2021 is probably a smartphone with an under-display camera. In a recent blog post, Xiaomi talked about its third-generation under-display camera design which is done using a “self-developed pixel arrangement.” This simply means that users won’t be able to see the camera placed beneath the screen and enjoy a completely immersive screen experience.

Moreover, the brand also says that it altered the camera algorithms to allow the under-screen camera to capture the same image quality as a traditional selfie camera.

Xiaomi Smarter Living 2021

Every year, Xiaomi announces a variety of new devices in its Smarter Living event. In Smarter Living 2021, the Chinese tech giant showcased several smart devices including speakers, lights, and watches.

Mi Watch Revolve

One of the most exciting products from Smarter Living 2021, is the Mi Watch Revolve. It is essentially a rebranded version of Mi Watch Color which is also expected to hit the market soon. The Mi Watch Revolve is going to have a 1.39” AMOLED screen. Some of its features include VO2 max (maximum oxygen intake) monitoring, heart rate monitor, and water resistance.

A major claim made by Xiaomi is that the device’s 420 mAh battery can easily last for up to 2 weeks on one charge.

Mi Smart Speaker

The Mi Smart Speaker has a matte finish on a metallic mesh design. It has a LED ring above mimicking the look of Amazon Echo. The device is compatible with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and can be connected to a laptop, phone, tab, or a PC. It can play music from YouTube Music, and Spotify.

Last Few Words

Despite several challenges, the performance and plans of Xiaomi in 2020 – 2021 have been nothing short of impressive. In fact, Xiaomi is a true depiction of how much a brand can achieve in a short period if it continues to innovate.

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