Apple to Release 117 New Emojis in iOS Update

Apple to Release 117 New Emojis in iOS Update



Apple just came out with its 14.0.1 update in late September, yet it is already testing its subsequent version, 14.0.2. The company is set to release the Apple iOS 14.2 version in October 2020. However, it has already released the second beta of the 14.2 version to developers and beta testers, giving us a sneak peek of the new emojis that users will be able to choose from.  

It looks like Apple is skipping the 14.1 version and moving directly to the second beta version of the Apple iOS 14.2 version. In the latest beta version, Apple has improved the Airplay 2 Control Centre interface for enhanced performance. 

However, the most noteworthy improvement of this update is the addition of emojis. In this version, there are 117 new emojis, which include gender and skin tone variants.

Before we elaborate on the new emojis, let's go through all the new features of the iOS14 version. 

The iOS14 Update 

The iOS14 is packed with tons of new changes that the users enjoy.  These include:

  • Changing call settings to receive calls in a banner-style rather than full screen. This means that your phone activity will not be interrupted when you receive calls.

  • Ability to choose a default browser such as Chrome 

  • A picture-in-picture feature, which lets users multitask while video chatting 

  • Privacy enhancements, including providing apps with an approximate location rather than a precise location

  • Giving apps access to specific photos instead of entire photo libraries 

  • Addition of an app library, which allows users to store all of their apps in user-friendly containers based on their categories on their home screens

  • Allowing multiple widgets to be displayed on home screens 

  • Enhancements to music including background color transitions as the song changes, and the ability to start music where you left it, even after restarting your phone

The New Emojis 

The iOS14.2 beta two update, made available to developers and beta testers, contains 117 new emojis. These emojis were approved earlier this year by the Unicode Consortium as part of their emoji 13.0 release. They are the governing body that makes and approves new emojis.

This is the first time that Apple is releasing its gender-variant emojis that are inclusive of all genders. Emojipedia explains the new emojis that are part of the update. Some of these are:

  • Smiley face with tears

  • Smiley face in a disguise 

  • A man in a veil 

  • A woman in a tuxedo 

  • A bottle-feeding person

  • A bottle-feeding man

  • Ninjas

  • A transgender flag and a transgender symbol 

  • Food items, such as Bubble tea, blueberries, olive, bell pepper, fondue, teapot, tamale, flatbread, etc.

  • Animals such as a beaver, roach, fly, roach, polar bear, seal, beetle, worm, dodo, mammoth, black cat, bison, etc

  • Other additions include tombstone, feather, truck, sewing needle, flip flop, Russian doll, toothbrush, military helmet, accordion, carpentry saw, mirror, boomerang, ladder, hook, anatomical heart, lungs, etc.

  • Two people hugging

  • An Mx Claus – a gender-inclusive Santa Claus 

  • A Mrs. Claus

Apart from these exciting emojis, the Apple iOS14.2 version will bring with it a new way of searching for emojis from the emoji collection. All of this will be available to iPhone, iPad, and Mac device users. 

Other News about Emojis

Besides this, it’s been discovered that Apple has quietly changed its mask emoji in the Apple iOS14.2 version. The face with a medical mask will now have a pleasing expression rather than the dull one like it previously did.  According to Emojipedia, the emoji will utilize the already existing smiley face and place a mask over it. 

This change comes in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, due to which many countries have made the use of a medical face mask mandatory in public areas. It is also worth noting that Samsung made this change to their emoji to make it look more cheerful back in March. 

What Else To Expect 

Besides this, the Unicode Consortium has also announced the arrival of the Emoji pack version 13.1. However, this update won’t be part of the iOS this year, but you can expect it in 2021. This version will not be as enticing as this one, as it will focus on variations in skin tone and will include emojis like face exhaling, heart on fire, face in clouds, and mending heart.  

Other than emojis, Apple iOS14.2 version will help users know when an app is accessing their microphone. It will also provide 3D sound experience in music for both wireless and wired headphones and much more.  

Release Date & How to Update 

Since the Apple iOS14.2 version is in its testing phase, we can expect the version's public release in a few weeks. The emoji designs are also subject to change prior to the release, based on the feedback by beta testers and developers.   

Although the Apple iOS14.2 version has not been made available to the broader public, when it is, you can install it by going to your iPhone or iPad settings, clicking on software updates, and then clicking on install updates.  

So are you excited for the new Apple iOS14.2 version? Because we know we are!

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