Google Pixel 5 is Here: Everything You Need to Know

Google Pixel 5 is Here: Everything You Need to Know

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Google announced the launch of the new Pixel 5 phone as an attempt to right its wrongs,. Their previous phone was jam-packed with camera features, face ID, unique gestures, etc., but at the cost of battery life. The Google Pixel 5, however, is starkly impressive from its predecessor. This Google Pixel 5 review will highlight precisely how.  

Priced at $699, the Google Pixel 5 is a quintessential Android phone that has all the features you need. It performs much like the other flagship phones like Samsung and Apple, but it is available at a much affordable price. 

Whether you want to learn about its specs, features, price, or how it performs compared to other phones, keep reading this Google Pixel 5 review!

Design & Hardware 

The Google Pixel 5 has an aluminum matte exterior, soft round corners with a 6-inch display. It also contains a high refresh rate at 90Hz. The phone feels premium due to its unique texture, although the overall design can be compared to the Google pixel 4a.

The back contains a square camera module on the top left as well as a fingerprint sensor. The sensor's location can prove to be a bothersome as it is easy to swipe against it accidentally. However, it may not be a huge problem in everyday usage.

The Google Pixel 5 comes in two color options— sleek elegant black and minimal earthy green.  

Specifications & Features 

Battery Life

Google has gone back to the basics with the Google Pixel 5, ditching fancy features such as unique gestures and face ID. The battery life of the Google Pixel 5 is substantially longer than Google’s previous phones. This is because it contains a 4080mAh battery, giving users approximately 6.5 hours of screen time, according to other Google pixel 5 reviews. This means that the Pixel 5 battery is over 1000mAh bigger than Pixel 4a’s battery.

Google Pixel 5 is charged wirelessly due to the absence of a jack on the phone.


Perhaps the key feature of the Google Pixel 5, which explains its affordable price, is the processor. All the previous Google phones contain a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800-series chip, the supreme option offered by Qualcomm. However, Google Pixel 5 contains a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor.

Thus, the phone, unfortunately, won't win any awards for sheer horsepower. However, it still works great and is robust against any advanced app or game.


The Google Pixel 5 has an excellent camera quality. It features a 12MP IMX363 sensor, one that all other Google pixel phone cameras include. But what is unique about this phone is that apart from the 12MP sensor, the Google Pixel 5 additionally contains a 16MP ultra-wide camera. This means that you can capture ultra-wide scenes, such as cityscapes and landscapes, easily with this phone. 

Not only that, but other features that Google has decided to upgrade are the HDR+, which introduces exposure bracketing for more explicit photos. Additionally, the Night Sight feature comes with a portrait mode and Portrait light in Google Pixel 5. Google has also introduced three stabilizing modes as part of their video mode, including the locked, active, and cinematic pan.

5g Connectivity 

Another notable feature of the phone, which users lauded in various Google pixel 5 reviews, has been the 5g connectivity. This phone is one of the first phones by Google to have this feature; even the iPhone 11 does not have 5g. 

Comparing Google Pixel 5 with Google Pixel 4a

Google Pixel 5 is quite similar to its cheaper predecessor. The most significant features that the two share are the Qualcomm Snapdragon 756G processor as well as 5g connectivity. Therefore, you can expect a similar performance rate from the two phones. Other similar features include the same storage space (125GB) and the same rear camera and ultra-wide feature.

However, Google pixel 4a does not have wireless charging or a high refresh rate on display. Plus, it also has a slightly smaller battery, which is 3,885mAh.  

Google pixel 4a is retailed at $499, which is a whopping $200 cheaper than Google Pixel 5. Considering that there's not a stark difference between the two, the question arises whether Google Pixel 5 is worth buying for $ 699. 

Pros & Cons of Google Pixel 5

The Pros 

  • Long-lasting battery

  • Ultra-wide camera and other camera features, such as Portrait Light and HDR+

  • Large storage 

  • Large and bright screen

  • 5g connectivity 

  • As a mid-range phone, it offers a lot

The Cons 

  • No jack for wired headphones

  • The price is higher considering cheaper, similar alternatives 

  • Comparatively slower speed

Final Verdict: Should You Buy It?

Google offers a lot of phones at an affordable price.. The question about whether or not you should buy this phone largely depends on you and what your priorities and takeaways are from this Google pixel 5 review.

If you prefer a phone with 5g connectivity, excellent camera and features, and a high refresh rate screen, then Google pixel 5 is the ideal phone for you. However, if these are not must-have features for you, then there are other phones in this price range that you would enjoy and prefer to use. 

Google Pixel 5 is retailed at $699 and available at all Google stores and online on Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart.

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