Latest Apple iPad Review: Everything You Need to Know

Latest Apple iPad Review: Everything You Need to Know


Apple just released its newest iPad, which is now in its eighth generation. Although it is not that different from its last edition, the new iPad is still a steal. Priced at $329 and featuring a 32GB storage space, here is everything you need to know about the quintessential device we have known for years. 

If you’re looking to buy the new iPad, this Apple iPad review will help you make your decision. This Apple iPad review will provide you with all the details about the specifications and features of the newest iPad, its pros and cons, and how it performs compared to the iPad Pro and iPad Air. 

Design & Hardware 

The new iPad is no longer like a ‘big iPhone’ as its critics suggest in their Apple iPad reviews. Instead, it is more like a computer or a laptop as it performs similar functions. In terms of its design, Apple has not changed much in the new iPad. It is still the same light and sturdy device and there continues to remain a home button, the 10.2 inch screen display and a headphones jack. 

While these unchanged features are still excellent to use, the one feature that Apple neglected to change and which irks many of the iPad users is the 1.2 megapixel front facing camera. Whilst the camera itself is great, it is in landscape mode and situated on the side. This becomes a problem when video chatting or video conferencing, which is usually what iPads are typically used for. 

Additionally, the new iPad design still contains a lightning connecter. The Apple iPad is compatible with the Apple pen and Apple keyboard, though you can use third party keyboards with it as well.  

Performance of the New Apple iPad

When it comes to the specifications of this device, much like the design of the Apple iPad, not much has changed. However, the biggest change in the 2020 iPad, and perhaps the key feature of this iPad, is the A12 bionic processor. 

Apple changed the processor of the new iPad from the A10 fusion processor to the A12 bionic processor. This makes the iPad function much faster than it already used to, particularly when you’re using multiple apps at once. For the price, this is certainly the selling point of this iPad. 

This iPad contains the latest version of Apple’s software, the iPadOS 14, which isn’t a significant change from its predecessors. It lets you do a ton of things at once whilst maintaining its quick speed. 

The best feature of the software, iPadOS 14, which users enjoy, as noted from their Apple iPad reviews, is the Scribble, which lets you enter text using an Apple pen directly in the text fields. Additionally, users are claiming that the software search has become more efficient.

The New iPad in Comparison with iPad Pro & iPad Air 

In comparison to both the iPad Pro and iPad Air, it is clear that the new iPad does not exactly reign supreme for a few reasons. But that is okay, because the iPad still offers a lot at the price of $329. 

Both the iPad Air and iPad Pro do not have home buttons, but the iPad does, thus making it comparatively harder to use because you have to continually press the button to go to the home section or switch apps. Moreover, the latest iPad comes with low storage, whereas the iPad Pro or Air has a larger storage space. 

Face ID is another feature missing in the new iPad, which makes the Pro and Air more convenient to use. Moreover, the latest iPad still uses lightening for charging, and neither the iPad Pro nor the iPad Air uses that. 

When it comes to the processing speed, the latest iPad is very similar to the iPad Pro; though, the latter is a bit faster.  In terms of daily tasks, the new iPad works seamlessly; however, when editing large videos and exporting them or tasks of that nature, the iPad is much slower than the Air or Pro. 

Lastly, while the screen on the latest iPad is big and has a bright display, the speakers are still at the bottom, making the sound muffled if they are covered. This makes the experience of watching movies and videos not so great.

Pros & Cons of the Latest iPad 

The Pros 

  • Fast performance 

  • Big and bright screen 

  • Great device for families, kids and education

The Cons 

  • Less storage space

  • Still uses lightening for charging 

  • Does not support the latest versions of the Apple pencil

  • Front facing camera and landscape view make video conferencing awkward 

Should You Buy the New iPad?

The question of whether or not you should buy the latest iPad launched by Apple largely depends on what you would use it for. As suggested by this and several other Apple iPad reviews, this iPad works great if you want to use it for daily tasks. It is an entry level iPad that is perfect for kids to play on or study and attend classes. 

However, if you are someone who wishes to use the iPad for work or creativity, then the iPad Pro or Air would be a better alternative for you. This is because their features and compatibility with latest generation keyboards, mouse and pen are probably what you are looking for. For everyone else, this iPad is a safe bet due to its versatility, longevity and price. 

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