The 4 Best SEO Tools That Won’t Cost you a Dime

The 4 Best SEO Tools That Won’t Cost you a Dime

The 4 Best SEO Tools That Won’t Cost you a Dime

When that free stuff can be applied to bring in more money to your pockets – well, what could be better, right?

Free SEO tools are gifts that keep on giving. From increased traffic to better conversions, more incoming cash, and a higher rank; they offer it all and so much more!

At its very core, Search Engine Optimization was developed as a further extension to your web presence. By optimizing certain HTML guidelines and incorporating useful strategies, it lets you categorize your content and its purpose better for organic traffic.

While the heart of SEO remains the same, a lot has changed since it was first practiced. Mastering the art of SEO is no easy task, especially if you’re new to optimization. Thankfully, SEO tools are here to save the day!

Since there are hundreds of them floating around on the Internet, finding the best SEO tools can be confusing and overwhelming. Quite often, people end up trying a huge variety of different ones before finding what works and help them achieve their online goals.

Not to worry though, we tried them all out for you!

Here are the 4 very best SEO tools that come for free and will help you drive hordes of organic traffic to your website.

1.   Ahrefs SEO Keyword Tool

One of the most recommended SEO tools found online, Ahrefs is a favorite among many SEO experts across the globe. It is second only to Google when it comes to massive website crawlers and had a smooth Site Audit feature that conducts a thorough analysis of your website.

It then highlights all the sections of your website that can be improved upon using various SEO techniques to achieve a place among the highest-ranked websites.

Great use of this tool is to conduct useful competitor analysis and determine what they’re using and how you can bring it to your web presence too. Ahrefs can even be used to find out which SEO technique works best with the content of your particular niche.

Backlink Checker

An additional feature of Ahrefs is the ability to understand backlinks better and see what new opportunities they could bring to your site. Ahrefs carries one of the largest live backlink indexes available on the internet, making it the most powerful tool in the world of SEO.

Upon searching, it will provide you a snapshot of your domain rating along with the top 5 pages and anchors each, and 100 useful backlinks.

While certain Ahrefs tools may cost you a certain amount, the backlink checker is free of cost!

2.   Google Search Console

The ideal way for beginners to make their entry to the world of SEO is the Google Search Console. It allows you to access various key metrics easily and (the best part) offers free support!

Google’s Search Console works for all; whether you’re running a small, personal blog or even managing a massive brand’s website. The user-friendly interface, a myriad of insightful information at your fingertips, and site assessment allow for people to swiftly determine problem areas and fix them to optimize their web content.

This suite of tools will extinguish all the potential problems on your website, especially negative spammy links, and troubleshoot it to ensure it ranks highly on Google and is indexed well.

Simply verify your website by adding a code or go through Google Analytics to submit its sitemap to get indexed. This will ensure your website is added to Google SERPs and further help you determine what works with your users and what sets them off.

3.   Moz: SEO Software

Containing massive amounts of data and a super supportive community, Moz is a platform that will have you getting increased rankings, traffic, and more visibility in SERPs in no time.

Moz comes with the Moz spider which highlights any issues that could potentially arise on your website and pairs it with actionable insights on how to improve them based on various SEO tricks. It can easily track your rank and determine its worth based on the number of valuable keywords on your site.

The keyword research tool will also show you which keywords and combinations will work best to optimize your website. It will also recommend the more valuable backlinks for you to apply and offer mixtures of anchor texts in links to uphold your domain authority.

Moreover, the huge community that Moz has brought together is constantly ready to lend in expert advice and guide beginners on how to best maneuver their way through the world of complex SEO.

4.   Google Analytics

A treasure sent from the gods above for nearly all online marketers, we have saved the best for the last.

Google Analytics is that one tool that you simply can’t SEO without.

There really is no other tool that offers insights and valuable information quite like Google Analytics. It is a comprehensive data source with virtually all info regarding traffic, site visitors, conversion, etc. available within once space.

It offers eCommerce websites the change to analyze customer stats and interact with them to increase sales and other valuable conversions. Using this immense wealth of information, you can evaluate the SEO techniques that work best with your particular customer base and then make informed decisions accordingly. You can also validate your theories of what should work and then incorporate it into your business instead of just doing it based on guesswork and instinct.

In Conclusion

SEO optimization can make or break the success of your website. When done correctly and smartly, it can be one of the cheapest ways of generating more organic traffic and revenue. To learn how to use these tools better and apply various other SEO techniques, reach out to our online marketing experts now!



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