The Top Video Streaming and Sharing Sites of 2020

The Top Video Streaming and Sharing Sites of 2020


The Top Video Streaming and Sharing Sites of 2020

Gone are the days of cable TV, when we’d wait all day for our favorite show to be aired. Streaming sites have taken over our TV landscape and quickly moved all eyes from the television box to our laptop and other streaming devices.

With new streaming sites coming out every month with amazing movies and show releases, the online video sphere has truly grown massively. Viewers have been signing up for these sites in droves.

One of the major reasons why video streaming sites have become so popular is that they let you watch anything, anywhere, and anytime. Whether you’re lounging on your sofa, in transit back from work, or even just looking for something to pass the time waiting for your dentist – you can easily stream the show you’re watching and feel the time go by a little quicker.

Finding the best streaming site is more than just determining which has the best shows. It also includes factors like:

·         App usability

·         Streaming speed

·         Size of the app (bulky ones never work too well!)

·         Subscription costs

·         Exclusive benefits

Choosing the best streaming site for your use can be difficult, especially since different providers are constantly revealing attractive new content that can’t be viewed anywhere else. 

For e.g. the immensely celebrated Game of Thrones could only be viewed through an HBO Now subscription. Also, Disney Plus has recently been releasing exclusive content and BTS from the Star Wars franchise to promote more people to subscribe.

To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of the top video streaming sites currently available for subscription.

·        Amazon Prime Video

Compatible with: Amazon Fire TV Stick, Android, iOS, Windows, Xbox, Google Chromecast, PlayStation.

Amazon Prime Video offers an impressive collection of original TV shows and movies that cater to a wide range of audiences. It is kid-friendly and offers users a 30-day free trial before they are required to pay for a subscription.

Amazon’s streaming service comes with access to a whole bunch of other services too, including priority for premium delivery services and Amazon Music – all at a cost of just $10.99 per month. The best part is that you can even download your favorite shows to watch where signals are weak.

Best Picks:

         i.            Knives Out

       ii.            Hanna

      iii.            The Big Sick

     iv.            Mozart In The Jungle

       v.            The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

·        Netflix

Compatible with: Android, Smart TVs, Apple TV, Windows, Xbox, Google Chromecast.

With a net worth of almost $38 million, Netflix’s massive collection of TV shows and movies belonging to every genre imaginable makes it one of the top video streaming sites of 2020.

Netflix offers some amazing, critically acclaimed originals and has offered its viewers a chance to watch some of the best shows from around the world and in different languages. This increased exposure to content from Spain, Brazil, Germany, India, France, etc. is one of the platform’s biggest selling points and has allowed it to garner millions of viewers despite a relatively high cost of $15.99 for four screens.

Best Picks:

         i.            Dark

       ii.            Enola Holmes

      iii.            Back to the Future Trilogy

     iv.            Ratched

       v.            Cursed

·        Hulu

Compatible with: iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, Smart TVs, Roku.

Perfect for people looking to gain access to big-name shows, Hulu offers titles like South Park, Saturday Night Live, and The Simpsons.

While other streaming services focus on originals, Hulu’s main aim is to offer shows and movies from NBC, Fox, and Comedy Central – bringing them to your smartphones. It is currently the only streaming site that works for Nintendo Switch!

Hulu offers two different services:

·         Standard on-demand streaming

·         Live TV

While the former is more of your traditional streaming scene with an extremely low cost of $5.99, the Live TV is a cable alternative service amounting to over $40 (currently available only in the United States).

You can even combine Hulu with Disney Plus and ESPN Plus for just $12.99 extra a month!

Best Picks:

         i.            Crawl

       ii.            Parasite

      iii.            The Mindy Project

     iv.            Support the Girls

       v.            Sons of Anarchy

·        YouTube TV

Compatible with: iOS, Android, Google Chromecast, Smart TVs.

YouTube is one of the biggest internet scenarios of the 21st century. It offered a platform for user-generated content before anybody else and mainstreamed it for all of us. We’d even go as far as saying YouTube started the phenomenon and craved the path for sites like Vine and TikTok (currently no.1 on Android and iOS) to succeed.

The beauty of YouTube lays in the immense diversity that can be found on the site. From cute cat videos to cooking tutorials, science, history, sports you name it, and we can find it on YouTube.

The best part is that to use this streaming site (as a viewer or even a content creator) you don’t need big budgets or fancy equipment. Most of us grew up watching Pewds stream on a terrible-quality camera from his room and slowly rise to stardom as the top YouTuber.

YouTube took things a step further to offer YouTube TV; which is a must-have for anybody looking for quality video content. While a little on the expensive side, you gain access to 60+ channels along with cloud DVR availability.

However, the service is currently only available in the United Stated – with predictions of a bigger release to roll out soon.

Best Picks:

         i.            Taylor Swift’s Lover’s Lounge

       ii.            Dear Class of 2020

      iii.            Call of Duty: Modern Warfare stream

     iv.            Will Smith’s The Jump

       v.            Live Sports Games

To Conclude

Subscriptions to the top video streaming sites will open doors to a whole new watching experience for you and your family. With content from around the world now available on your screens, it allows us to learn about various cultures and forms of art – allowing us to see more of the world from the comforts of our living room couch.



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