IT and its impact on Society

IT and its impact on Society


Great minds often tend to transform the course of the whole world with just one invention. We would have still be sitting by a candle light trying to prepare a letter for a friend, as contrary to the current situation where we will be sitting in front of the laptop, logging into Facebook to contact a friend. These are no doubt the blessing of Science and technology that some inventions are so commendable and remarkable that they had enough influence to change the whole world forever. In this article, the objective is to discuss new science innovations that have had the both positive and negative impact on human society.

Society has always been influenced by technology. Each invention has impacted how masses relate to one another and how cultures have extended or ended. Technology effects the life style of cities, how they grow, where people live, how they live, and who owns what. Technologies are the core reason due to which some people are very rich, some people are more inclined towards social, and that the course and style of teaching and learning has changed completely. Currently, we are living in the crucial time where educators can mark great difference in how our students coordinate with one another and construct their own worth in the society.

Historical Perspective

Thousands of years ago, people living in a society settled a language so they could coordinate and learn from elders through their stories. They created tools for agriculture, to build houses, and to make weapons for the purpose of hunting and safety. Civilizations have been greatly impacted by natural disasters, infringement from other civilizations, and from problems within their own communities and tribes. Technology not only impacted the life span of human but also the way how we live and how long we live.

In addition to that, technology has diversely impacted society through communication, how we talk and communicate with one another globally. Technology brought numerous innovative methods of electronic communication. For instance, there are emails, social networking, you can facetime a person who lives far away from you in the other parts of the world. In addition to that, video conferencing has emerged as an exclusive technology that allows you to attend conferences electronically. Lastly, the technological progresses that were made within the health industry have assisted in keeping people safe and healthy. Furthermore, many innovate applications on phones that allows people to watch their weight, calories they intake, heart rate and other health properties on the spot. There is growing accessibility of treatment available, there’s the transformation in healthcare that augments benefits for the old aged people, and health care centers using progressive technology within their surgical rooms.

Throughout past, each civilization, society, kingdom and empire has established, risen and fallen with technology at its helm. Mesopotamia is one of the ancient so-called “cradle of civilization,” that saw the early Sumerians creating most of the basic items that are also used in current times such as ships, irrigation systems, the wheel, and metallurgy. Technology influenced every single part of the society, kingdom or empire, and is dependent on the present math and science of a society, impacting each sub-facet of a civilization, that includes military, health, cities, communication, government, time/calendars, language, architecture and record keeping.

Positive Impact of technology on Society

As technology has several less-than-desired effects on society as a whole, there are potentially more optimistic impacts on society than undesirable impacts. Such impacts have made life easier for masses, and have blessed many with the resources, schooling and tools required to live a prosperous life. Such impacts have greatly influenced system of agriculture, transportation, communication, and the education sectors within societies worldwide.

Improvement on Communication

Telecommunication systems are a very important part of any progressive society. From using messages through bird and signals via smoke, the society has reached to the modern, faster, efficient, effective, and more global system of email, phone calls, and app messaging enabling people to stay interconnected in a globalized world. From Skype to VOIP to global telecom carriers, it is highly reasonable for people to travel the world and remain connected, and even possible for remote area labors or international entrepreneurs to utilize video calls and conference calls with the help of Internet to keep their businesses going without interventions.

Negative Impact of Technology on Society

The reduction of fossil fuels, the requirement to have more rare-earth elements, the use of scarce elements including gold, coltan and tantalum and the burning of fuels potentially has greatly influenced the Global Warming.  These are some major and real issues produced due to extensive use of technology.

Depletion of resources

One of the most disturbing matters related to the growing use of technologies is the reduction of natural resources, whether that be rare earth elements/minerals, food sources, or fossil fuels. The use of corn to grow fuel in the form of ethanol can lead to the great reduction of corn/food supplies worldwide. Furthermore, the world’s hunger for more and more electronics can completely reduce the world’s resources of gold, coltan, and other rare minerals.

Inventions influence all facets of modern existence. Even things like the toilet and modern plumbing made it possible to advance hygiene and decline the level of exposure to human waste, which in turn made towns and cities cleaner and more desirable to live in. The modern bathroom also helped to mitigate the chances of spreading disease, which in turn assisted by boosting the average life expectancy.

People now eat better, and more safely, because of those innovations that are now for granted including the refrigerator, the oven, running tap water, safely manufactured pots and pans, pasteurized products and even meat thermometers. In addition to that, daily life at work has changed because heavy-lifting jobs can be done by forklifts rather than grunt work. In a nutshell, technology is attaining additional milestone with factories using robots for numerous tasks. More people than ever before need to sit for work that is ultimately impacting our fitness level but at the same time also reducing the risk of injury during a workday.

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